GERM WARFARE AGAINST AMERICA: The Desert Storm Plague and Cover-Up

by Donald S. McAlvaney, Editor,
McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor (MIA), August 1996

This Special Report is dedicated to the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in the Desert Storm War and to the veterans of that war who returned to America with a mysterious and deadly illness (and their families) to which their own government and the government of Iraq exposed them. Like our mistreated VietNam vets, these young warriors deserve a better shake from our people and government. May God have mercy on them and their fellow countrymen as the Gulf War plague continues to proliferate across America.

This writer apologizes for the length of this report, but its contents could affect hundreds of thousands, or millions of lives – – including your own – – and its recommendations need to be acted upon. Please COPY and DISTRIBUTE this report as widely as possible to Desert Storm vets, active duty military personnel, Congressmen, Senators, to doctors (medical and alternative), to the media, etc.

Dr. Nancy L. Nicolson, Cell Microbiologist, writes, “This disease could be a holocaust of monumental proportions as it has been genetically engineered”.

Joyce Riley, Director, American Gulf War Veterans Association, writes, “The horrible secret of America’s worst atrocity is out: our servicemen and women were exposed to deadly chemical and biological agents supplied to our enemies by our own government”.

Senator Donald Riegle (D-MI), writes, “Our affected veterans are sick and suffering, and many have died. Others are now destitute, having spent tens of thousands of dollars, depleting their life savings, in an unsuccessful search for an explanation for their ailments. The veterans of the Gulf War have asked us for nothing more than the assistance they have earned. Our refusal to come to their immediate assistance can only lead others to question the integrity of the nation they serve.”

Revelation 6:8 “I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” INTRODUCTION: A plague is breaking out in America, in England, in Europe, in the Middle East, and in 27 out of 28 countries which were involved in the Desert Storm War in 1990 and 1991. Germ warfare was used by Saddam Hussein against the American and alliance troops in that brief war – – biologicals which were illegally manufactured in America and sold illegally to Iraq from 1985 to 1990 with the approval and blessings of the Reagan and Bush Administrations. These biologicals were then unleashed on American and alliance troops via Iraqi Scud missile attacks.

Some died quickly from intense exposure to chemical and biological weapons, but most received low level doses and returned home with the disease(s). It is now estimated by reliable sources (to be described below) that 100,000 to 200,000 of the 700,000 troops we sent to Desert Storm are now sick and/or dying with Gulf War Illness and that 15,000 of these young servicemen and women have died from the disease.

Furthermore, tens of thousands of wives, children and other family members are now contracting the moderately contagious, highly communicable disease from the veterans, and thousands of babies are being born to these veterans, deformed like the thalidomide babies of the 1950s. (See the November ’95 LIFE Special, “The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm”).

Meanwhile, the U.S. government, which helped create the biologicals which Saddam used against our own troops flatly denies that any chemical or biological agents were used in the Gulf War. flatly denies the existence of Desert Storm (or Gulf War) Illness, and is flatly denying medical treatment to several hundred thousand sick or dying Desert Storm veterans, spouses or their children.

(ED. NOTE: Just as they denied the existence, or hideous legacy of Agent Orange for over 15 years after the end of the VietNam War. It is said that nothing is totally confirmed until officially denied by our government).

The biological warfare laboratories and biological weapons facilities of America, Russia, Iraq, Libya, Israel, China, North Korea, etc. are about to (or have already) unleash a holocaust on mankind which will be unprecedented in human history. Indeed the genie is out of the bottle — Pandora’s box has been opened! The legacy of George Bush’s Desert Storm War and the biologicals his administration sold to our enemy, Iraq, could change the history of America and indeed the whole world as we know it.

And Gulf War Illness (resulting from up to 15 separate biologicals which Saddam used) is only one of dozens of deadly new illnesses that are now emerging all over the world. (Mad Cow disease in England; AIDS; Hanta-Virus; Ebola Zaire; the flesh eating disease; and dozens more).

The Los Angeles Times (5/20/96) wrote in an article entitled “Report Warns of Global Health Crisis” and subtitled: “Infectious Diseases: Despite Medical Advances, Millions are Dying”. Declaring a global crisis and warning that ‘no country is safe from infectious diseases’, the World Health Organization says in a new report that diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, Hanta, Mad Cow, tuberculosis, etc., killed more than 17 million people worldwide last year, including 9 million children.

Taken together, bacterial, viral and parasite diseases remain the world’s leading cause of premature death, accounting for one out of every three deaths, the report says. For instance, the No. 1 infectious disease, tuberculosis, took 3.1 million lives last year, up 400,000 from WHO figures for 1993.

The report also suggests with uncommon starkness that in today’s global community, populations mix with unprecedented ease, and disease organisms have the potential to spread among countries at jet speed. Among the reasons that many infectious diseases are spreading so rapidly, the WHO report says, are growing antibiotic resistance and heavy international air travel.

This Special Report (McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor, August 1996) takes an in-depth look at one of these diseases, the result of laboratory-produced germ warfare agents, developed in America, sold to Saddam Hussein, produced in Iraq, and unleashed on almost 1,000,000 American and Western alliance troops.

This SPECIAL REPORT will attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. Were biological (germ) warfare agents used against American troops and allies in the Desert Storm War?
  2. Did these biologicals, along with inoculations and other untested drugs, forced on Americans and most allied troops by our government, cause the series of deadly debilitating symptoms now called Gulf War Illness?
  3. Did American companies (with the blessing of the U.S. government) sell these biologicals to Saddam Hussein?
  4. If the U.S. government knew that these biological attacks were coming, why didn’t they protect our troops?
  5. Is there a giant ongoing U.S. government cover-up of the biological (germ) warfare attacks against our troops and the present spreading GWI plague, and if so, why?
  6. What can be done to treat the veterans and their families and protect still healthy family members and the public at large?

RESEARCH SOURCES FOR THIS REPORT: MIA has interviewed numerous GWI victims; has relied heavily on reports written by or for former U.S. Senator Don Riegle, Jr. (D-MI) (Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs) on the Gulf War Syndrome and the U.S. sale of biological agents to Iraq from 1985-1990, and on interviews with and materials from three very knowledgeable experts on the subject:

1) DR. GARTH L. NICOLSON (PHD) – is the David Bruton, Jr. Chair in Cancer Research, and Professor and Chairman of the Department of Tumor Biology, the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. He is also a Professor of Internal Medicine and a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. He has published over 430 scientific and medical papers, he has edited 13 books, and he is the editor or associate editor of 13 scientific and medical journals.

Dr. Nicolson has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in cell microbiology, is among the 100 most cited researchers in the world in the biomedical sciences, and sits on the board of the American Association of Cancer Research.

2) DR. NANCY L. NICOLSON – President of the Rhodon Foundation for Biomedical Research, Kingswood, Texas. She is a Ph.D in molecular biology, has published over 25 scientific and medical papers, and while an instructor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine contracted a disease identical to Desert Storm Illness. She and her husband, Garth, did research on the illness, treated it with certain antibiotics, and she recovered. Later, both Nicolsons contracted Desert Storm Illness from Garth’s stepdaughter, who had just returned from active duty in the Gulf War.

Both of the Nicolson’s cats also contracted GWI. The Nicolsons and his stepdaughter underwent heavy treatment with a tetracycline antibiotic called doxycycline and all three recovered. One cat died! [ED. NOTE: The cat’s death is not trivia. It was one of the first examples of cross-species disease transmission]. In August 1996, under much political pressure to shut up and to terminate their GWI research, the Nicolsons were forced to leave M.D. Anderson and they moved to California to continue their research in Irvine, California, at the Institute for Molecular Medicine, where Garth is the Scientific Director.

3) CAPTAIN JOYCE RILEY, RN, USAF INACTIVE RESERVE – – The director of the American Gulf War Veterans Association, a former USAF flight nurse in the 1970s who returned to active duty as an air-evac flight nurse in 1991 at the onset of the Desert Storm War. She flew air-evac missions in a C-130 for six months in 1991 but did NOT go to Saudi Arabia. After the war, she returned to her position as a heart, lung, kidney, and liver transplant nurse at the Denton Cooley Center in Houston. Riley contracted DWI from troops she had assisted while on active duty, received total denial of the existence of the disease from the VA and DOD, became very ill, but, through a combination of doxycycline and alternate medicine modalities (to be discussed in Section VI below) recovered. After observing the U.S. government cover-up of the illness, and run-around given thousands of GWI victims, she began a crusade to wake up America about the disease and the plight of our infected servicemen.

This entire report is available for $5 from McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, P. O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071 Phone 1-800-528-0559. The Copyright has been lifted from this report so that it can be distributed widely – especially to Gulf War Veterans, physicians and health care providers.