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Medicinal Plant Images

New Images (9/99) – 55 new plant images with thumbnails. Photographs are by Britta Blödorn, Robyn Klein, Michael Moore and Donna Chesner.

Medicinal Plant Photographs by genus. Over 1,350 JPEGS of medicinal plants, photographed variously by Mimi Kamp, Elaine Stevens, John Egbert, Kristina Park, Donna Chesner, Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller, Robyn maKlein, Richo Cech, David Parke or myself…arranged alphabetically by genus, with complete thumbnail index files.

Index of ALL 1700+ plant pictures and maps on the site by genus and species. (updated as of 3/14/00) 137K

Index of ALL 1200+ plant pictures by North American English and Spanish Names (as of 7/26/97)

Illustrations: Classic engravings and illustrations of drug plants and herbs

Color Illustrations – 137 elegant lithographs of medicinal plants from the first quarter of the 20th century by Mary Vaux Walcott, with 7 thumbnails

Color Illustrations from the National Geographic Society, 1915-1924…elegant and articulate representations of 136 medicinal plants found in North America.

Pen and Ink Drawings of Western North American plants by botanical artist Mimi Kamp, in both jpeg format (for monitor viewing) and gif format (for computer printing)

Medicinal Plant Image links. from other sources (by genus).

Medicinal Plants: Manuals, Folios, Classic Texts, Research

Herb Manuals by Michael Moore, and and other teaching material from SWSBM. These are available in either ASCII (text) files, or Acrobat PDF files.

Herb Folios by Michael Moore
Acrobat PDF files of individual plants, with photos, drawings, and a brief discussion of preparations, uses, specific indications and any contraindications.

Classic Works in Botanical medicine Monographs and formularies on Eclectic Medicine, Naturopathy, Thomsonian Medicine, pharmacy, and pharmacognosy, both in text and Acrobat files.


Lloyd Brothers plant drug pamphlets (1897 to 1915). Pamphlets and folios on Aloes, Belladonna, Fringetree, Turkey Corn, Wild Yam, Gelsemium, Hydrastis, Alfalfa, Nux Vomica, Night-Blooming Cereus and Damiana

Fyfe’s Materia Medica by John William Fyfe, M.D. (Eclectic Manual #6, 1903) Besides the clarity of therapeutic uses, this manual is important for the number of little-known but common American botanicals that he treats…such “new” remedies as Ailanthus, Ambrosia, Catalpa, Clematis, Kalmia, Oxydendron, Polemonium and Rhododendron…cool.

The Eclectic Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D. The classic text from 1922 in an abridged form (botanicals only), and as individual files of the larger monographs …acrobat files only

Culbreth’s Materia Medica and Pharmacology The classic 1927 pharmacist’s textbook, listing all plant drugs that were or had been official in the U.S.P. and N.F….acrobat files only.

Eclectic Medical Journals Acrobat and text reprints of issues of ELLINGWOOD’S THERAPEUTIST, from 1909 to 1915, edited by Finley Ellingwood, M.D., possibly the most charismatic and perceptive clinician of the final and most productive decades of the American Eclectic Medical Movement.

Plant Constituents Taken from a variety of sources, these are the known constituents for over 250 plant medicines

>Research Abstracts Abstracts from the last 10 years on 148 different genus of medicinal plants, and links to further information

Medicinal Plants: Resources, FAQs, Regional plant checklists

Distribution Maps 294 distribution maps of medicinal plants found in the western United States.

Western State Flora Checklists. These are Acrobat and text files of checklists of some of the western states, with special emphasis on changes in taxonomic nomenclature important to field herbalists. Finished states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Bioregional Herb Resources: former students and friends that sell ethically wildcrafted or organically grown bulk herbs and tinctures, that are in practice, or that, in turn, have their OWN schools. We MUST avoid centralization of the herb industry…these are herbalists and sources of materials of use for the hundreds of regional herbalists and small manufacturers of botanical products around the United States…as well those that prefer LOCAL herbs. Also as a text file.

The remarkably useful Medicinal Herb FAQ and Culinary Herb FAQ, maintained by Henriette Kress for the newsgroup alt.folklore.herbs.

Link for information and freeware readers for Adobe Acrobat.

Commercial publications by Michael Moore:
Information, reviews, and sources


    Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West
    Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West Los Remedios
    Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West

    Healing Herbs of the Upper Rio Grande (Edited and Revised)
    Herbs for the Urinary Tract
    our Clinical Manuals in hard copy


    Volume 1. RIO GRANDE GORGE


    Herbal Resource Guide for Windows or Mac

Before I was an herbalist, I was a musician and composer. Recently I have been transferring some of my symphonic music from flaking tape to digital files.
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