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Secret Military Experimentation on Americans Was "Legal"

Biological and Chemical Warfare Testing
on the American Population!


YOU MAY HAVE BEEN INVOLUNTARILY SUBJECTED to chemical or biological agent testing by the United States Military Department of Defense at some time in the past. The law provides for it (see section 1520, below). Make copies of this document and distribute widely. Write your congressional representative. Let the government know you are aware of this potential threat to your health and well being. They've done such things before. They sure as hell won't ask for your permission before they do it again.

Don't be fooled by the law's language. Notice it said local "officials" would be notified (could be the local dog catcher to fulfill the technicalities of the law). IT DID NOT SAY THAT YOU AS A GENERAL MEMBER OF THE CIVILIAN POPULATION NEEDED TO BE NOTIFIED!

If you've ever laughed at the "ridiculous" claim that AIDS was created as part of a secret classified military biological warfare program, READ THE ACTUAL LAW!!

§ 1520. Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials

Here is the link to the Cornell Law Library to see the actual text of the law for yourself:

US Civilian Biological Testing Law Repealed

From Joyce Riley vonKleist, R.N., B.S.N.
Capt. USAF Inactive Reserve

For over twenty years the Department of Defense (DoD) or their contractors were allowed to use the American people as "guinea pigs" for testing of chemical or biological agents. Since July 30th, 1977, the United States Code annotated Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 remained on the books until drawn into the arena of public discussion on talk radio.

Last year, Joyce Riley vonKleist R.N., presented this as a topic of discussion on several national radio talk shows and was immediately greeted with skepticism and ridicule by many news directors and editors who refused to acknowledge the existence of such a law. The debate raged on for several months and many listeners took the initiative and the time to research this law only to find that it indeed existed! At the suggestion of the AGWVA, thousands of letters and phone calls poured in to public officials' offices demanding an explanation and their position statement on this law.

Due to overwhelming public outcry, section 1520 was quietly repealed by the passing of H. R. 1119, the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal years 1998 and 1999. Section 1078 of this bill prohibits the DoD, either directly or by contract, from conducting tests or experiments using chemical or biological agents on human subjects (with exceptions).

Under the (just repealed) law, the DoD has been permitted to conduct such a test or experiment if informed consent is obtained. According to U. S. Senator Olympia Snowe (ME), the conference report on H. R. 1119 was passed by the Senate, by a vote of 90-10 on November 6, 1997 and signed into law by President Clinton on November 18th, 1997.

Because of persistence and tenacity, the AGWVA was able to generate enough public attention on this issue to effect this change.

Joyce Riley vonKleist stated, "We, at the American Gulf War Veterans Association will continue in our efforts in preventing the spread of illnesses across this country by providing credible and verifiable information to the mainstream media and the American people. This is just one more case where talk radio has had an positive impact."

American Gulf War Veteran's Association,
3506 Highway 6 South #117, Sugarland, Texas 77478-4401

"Innoculation of benign (and not so benign) viruses and bacteria into the general public IN AMERICA is not new to the Federal government.

"The most important information they gather is not the human response (illness) to the infectious agents the American public is being treated with, but instead - how effectively and quickly the agents can be deployed.

"Persons who are informed (intentionally; as a classified part of their employment with the Federal governement and the CDC) or accidentally; (e.g. military personnell who are exposed and told to stay quiet) of the use of germ testing on the American public are generally convinced that the interest is not in killing people here in the States, but in actually developing better and better means of dissemination of germs - with the ultimate adgenda being the distribution of more noxious or even fatal germs to an enemy population.

"It is interesting to note that at one time, weather balloons and other devices which were intended to "aerosolize" various bacteria and influenza strains were once in vogue. Newer technologies employ the application of these viruses and bacteria to fomites in the form of widely consumed commodities.

"It is believed that if the Federal government can get a stable virus/bacteria or prion with severe if not fatal effects but which is self limiting in a population - and use a fomite vector such as famine relief foodstuffs or other supplies provided covertly to the enemy during war - the infantry/personnell committment aspects of war would be largely nullified leaving the superpower with the most superior air-delivery (bombing) capacity the ultimate victor.

"I was amazed to learn that they're not spraying us anymore - but delivering our infectious disease via commonly traded foodstuffs and other inert commodities completely without the manufacturers knowledge e.g. during the "inspection" and or taxation phases of product handling.

"Anonymous & unsigned"
Nov. 24, 1997



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